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About PPDT

The name, "Pied Piper Dog Training" has its roots in the 1888 book by Robert Browning. The Pied Piper had a "secret charm" that enabled him to mesmerize and hypnotize "all creatures living beneath the sun." PPDT emphasizes the importance of getting and maintaining this focus and interest from our canine companions.

PPDT takes this concept to the training and dog walking business by teaching our canine companions that the only way of acquiring valuable resources is through their handler. Essential to this concept is the knowledge that what may be a "valuable resource" for one dog may not be valuable for another dog. The value of a resource will also change depending on changes in the environment. Our goal is to take advantage of what a dog wants at any particular time and use that as a reward for engaging in desired behaviors.

During training, valuable resources such as treats, toys and attention are given as rewards to reinforce desired behavior. When a dog is going for an off-leash outing, having the leash put on, access through doorways, access to other dogs, and off-leash play are a few of the rewards that are given for appropriate behavior. Having the attention of our canine companions is essential to successful training, and paramount to having safe off-leash exercise.

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